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Dr. Jing ZHANG
  • 2018-11-19
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Dr. Zhang graduated from Southern Medical University and was mentored by famous urology expert Prof. Chunxiao Liu at Zhujiang hospital during his postgraduate studies.

He has practised on urology, andrology and renal transplantation for 9 years, from which he has drawn a rich experience in diagnosis and treatments of urology and andrology conditions.

From late 2011 on he has furthered his studies at Reproductive and Genetic Hospital of CITIC-Xiangya for half a year, during which he refined his clinical skills and techniques on reproductive andrology.

Time in Clinic: Monday to Friday (booking in advance is recommended);

Please read directions for patients in this website, which provide detailed information regarding traffic, booking, registration, as well as overview of the major treatment modalities. Learning about these topics will greatly facilitate your consultations and treatments.

Welcome to post your questions online in our forum within this website. However, please note that since diagnosis and treatment mandate collections and analysis of a complex body of history, signs and investigation results, which can not be accomplished via online consultations, for your actual diagnosis and detailed management plan, please come to the clinic personally and see the doctors.